Saturday, April 30, 2011

Naughty @40 - Movie Reviews

Critic's Rating: 2/5
Soppy humour

Story: Govinda is a forty-year-old virgin who is hell-bent on losing his virginity, even if it means opting for an arranged marriage with the somewhat deranged Yuvika Chaudhary.

Movie Review: This much can be said about Govinda. Give him a chance to tickle your funny bone, and he'll try hard, very hard, to make you laugh. So much so, that you actually do end up smiling intermittently, despite the non-happening plot of the film. And that's only because Govinda still retains his unparalleled sense of comic timing and his spontaneity. His goofy attempts to have sex get quirky now and then, specially when there his Sanjay Mishra, another attention-grabbing comic artist, to dampen his efforts.

But how long can you suffer the silliness that masquerades neath the garb of this adult comedy? Or is it a juvenile comedy?

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